Do the Gorosei have Devil Fruit Powers? Or are they something else? OP Ch 1111+

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Will update the description/Keep up with comments.

Will also update the resolution date as the manga continues.

Resolves YES if they are revealed to have Devil Fruits. No if otherwise.

This is quite interesting because they have abilities such as summoning and telepathy so far. We've also seen no other pentagrams within One Piece.

I've seen theories about them being literal devils or shadows/puppets created by Imu with Imu's powers, it's all really interesting!

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This doesn't confirm anything but.

I also just noticed they all have the awakened user smoke cloud which was me being stupid. However, no official devil fruit names mentioned, which means I will continue to have beliefs that they are truly devils and not just fruit users.

We'll see the full chapter anyways.