Will ACE recommend any orgs doing direct (non-research) interventions in wild animal suffering by 2030?

Organisations like Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), Wild Animal Initiative, Animal Ethics, and Rethink Priorities do research on wild animal welfare, with one of the aims being to eventually have discovered enough to start designing robust, cost-effective direct interventions to begin actually reducing the problem.

Ideally these would be competitively cost-effective to interventions against factory farming cruelty, but it's not guaranteed.

A few hypothetical proposed but insufficiently researched near-term interventions include:

  • Switching to more humane pesticides

  • Reducing harmful aquatic noise

  • Eradicating particularly cruel animal parasites e.g. the New World screwworm

  • Population control of animals via sterilisation

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  • Population control via sterilisation

OK, Adolf

@notrickspringfield population control of animals (instead of predation, disease, starvation etc), not people lol

Is this a serious movement or a meme?

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