Quantum computer based in organic chemistry is created by 2050

Quantum computers are big. Miniaturization of quantum technology might call for engineering biological materials to shrink quantum computers to a practical sizes for a certain uses.

This market will resolve yes if a quantum logic operator is built using organic chemistry before 2050

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My understanding of quantum + orgchem + bio makes this all seem unlikely, any YES holders want to share rationale?

predicts YES

@jacksonpolack I got really high with an old college friend and talking about how much we don't know and how much Is still left to know.

The conversation steered towards information theory and it's relation to quantum mechanics.

What comes next is some unorganized conjecture.

Data density and the types of patterns we put data through. Algorithms. In cycles like observe- record -compute record - emulate with various layers of complexity depending on what is needed. You know, real Cheech and Chong stuff.

A good algorithm is under appreciated. Morso is the flexibility to choose an algorithm in the presence of different types of information.

There is some greater thought to the idea that we are limited by the hardware or systems we assign to software or processing . The idea that software and architecture can be optimized to complement one another.

Bringing it together, With current quantum architectures We can see the potential for properties like data density and speed to outpace what we normally think of computing today. With some assumed breakthroughs in quantum mechanics, we might discover we had the right stuff in as all along.