Will Bing AI stop sucking by mid 2024?
Jul 1

I noticed that the Bing AI is still complete trash. Even when I don't try to break it, it frequently falls into passive aggressive behaviour, repetitive answers and puts out annoying "I'm 14 and this is deep" tier prose upon which the filter kicks in and the chat is deleted.

End of June 2024, I will sit down and have a long chat with Bing. This resolves YES if the AI does not behave like a bipolar teenager, does not produce cheesy prose, does not provide repetitive answers and does not have the chat deleted by the filter.

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@Symmetry I'm guessing this is solved, in your book?

@Bayesian How so? Did Microsoft do something to their chatbot I am not aware of?

@Symmetry yeah I mean it's no longer nearly as passive aggressive, repetitive, and all that, I think?

It's up to you to judge it though

@Bayesian I haven't talked to it in a long time. I guess I could give it a try and see how's it currently behaving

Skill issue. Look up the leaked system prompt then stop fighting it.

Do you think GPT-4 currently satisfies your constraints?

predicts NO

@NikhilVyas I chatted with it the other day with no bad intent and it tried to gaslight me, then produced said prose and continued to give back the same response 20 times upon which the chat was deleted by the filter. It's a complete dumpster fire.

Don't believe it. Bing Chat is completely FUBAR. Only hope is to shut it down and begin from scratch.

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