Will any US state shut down all of its international airports for any length of time by end 2025?

Reason and duration irrelevant. A sign could be that all flights are cancelled, diverted, and delayed across the state, but likely there will be an announcement due to weather/ war/ instability/ etc. Only states with two or more international airports count, otherwise this trivial.

Resolves YES if every one of a US state's international airports are shut down at the same time, beyond regular hours. Nightly closures don't count. Smaller private and business airports don't count.

Resolves NO otherwise after close.

EU -> /Stralor/will-any-eu-country-shut-down-all-o

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Are there any states without international airports?

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@mariopasquato Nebraska, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, South Dakota and West Virginia ; I believe.

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@SirCryptomind Given that applying the universal quantifier on the empty set yields true then these states already shut down all their international airports. But I see you are asking that there are at least two airports…

Like a National ground stoppage , like from computer glitch/ransomware would count right?

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