Will any country's current Head of State or Government die in the next month?
resolved Sep 21

Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc.

Must be the country's leader (either head of state or head of government is fine, even if ceremonial) as of this question's creation date on Aug 21 2023 or become such (and die) by question close. Doesn't need to die "in office".

Members of a council that is itself the Head count, but "deputies" "vices" and "assistants" where there is a higher seat do not.

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Pat Scott🩴sold Ṁ7 of YES

I've kinda enjoyed this question, even though it was quiet. I've made another for next month. Of course, if someone dies today, both resolve YES but I consider that a small risk:

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Simon Graysonpredicted YES

@Stralor To avoid an argument after someone dies and we don’t agree on whether they’re a head of government or a head of state, would you consider some kind of definition along the lines of anyone who is currently on this Wikipedia list?


2 replies
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Pat Scott🩴predicted YES

@SimonGrayson Yeah that seems very reasonable

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Pat Scott🩴predicted YES

@Stralor Thinking about this more... I think I have to say it can't be the deputies, vices, and assistants, but councilors would count

Otherwise there'll be a hunt for my head.

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Simon Graysonbought Ṁ30 of YES

There seem to be at least a dozen world leaders older than 80. And a few who are at war with each other or otherwise at risk of being killed by their people or their enemies.

You wouldn’t necessarily expect any of them to die in a given month, but I don’t think it’s that unlikely.