Will a COVID-19 variant cause a new scare and intermittent lockdowns in multiple countries by end 2025?

For this question, lockdown = stay-at-home orders.

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@Stralor can you give some examples of what would and would not count as "lockdowns"?

@Eliza government mandated stay-at-home orders seems like what i was thinking. do you have a different definition?

@Stralor I have no idea, but the exact meaning of "lockdown" seems to not really be the same across all markets.

Here are some other markets with more thorough criteria if I search for 'lockdown':



If yours is specifically about stay-at-home, then maybe we can get that added to the description. These other ones include some variations on that theme.

@Eliza good points! there are some options in there I'd consider but for simplicity I'll do just stay-at-home

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