Will I test positive for COVID by end of 2025?

I tested positive once before around 2H 2022. I don't typically wear a mask unless someone else wants me to and neither do most of my friends. I occasionally go to crowded places.

I'll only test if I have reason to believe I might have COVID. i.e., I have symptoms, or people I've been around have tested positive.

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I just got off a Florida cruise and one of my friends tested positive. It's been several days and I am asymptomatic & am not inclined to purchase a test, but since this market description implied that I would test if people I've been around tested positive, I'm willing to go purchase a test if Yes holders want me to.

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@CarsonGale I would like that - though since I kind of figured you'd receive medical care which entails a test of some kind before the end of 2025, I won't insist.

Are you vaccinated?

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@Gabrielle yes I am - two shots and 2 boosters.

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My roommate's girlfriend just tested positive for COVID. I don't think he is avoiding seeing her. I'm generally trying to avoid being in the same room as him or asking him to mask while I'm with him.