I started in the Platinum League, will I fall to Gold at any point this year?
closes Jan 1

As of the start of this market I am in 12th position, aka dead center.


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SebastianWorms avatarSebastian Worms
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d avatarVo
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Stralor avatarPat Scott🩴
80% chance
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Pat Scott🩴predicts YES

Entering my third season in diamond sigh but at least it means I'm not getting worse!

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Pat Scott🩴sold Ṁ28 of YES

This is looking less and less likely, considering I'm giving a good run for diamond this season. Who knows, though, I could slip a division or two as the year progresses, and this is likely to qualify for a YES resolution if I ever cease using Manifold.

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Pat Scott🩴predicts YES

Update! I'm still in platinum after season 1, so I'm neither closer nor further from this happening, other than that there's less time.

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Pat Scott🩴bought Ṁ0 of NO

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