How many US states will pass bills to repeal abortion bans (or legalize abortion) in 2024?

In the wake of the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling, some US states have put abortion rights into their laws or constitutions, while others have enacted abortion bans. Some states, such as Arizona, have previously unenforceable laws banned abortion that are now considered valid.

In all, it is illegal to have abortions in 14 states, except in "extreme circumstances" (usually: life of the mother), and a further 6 have laws against abortion after fetal heartbeat or at some point during the first trimester. Most of these may go unchallenged in 2024, but some are already on the ballot.

In the 2024 elections, of those 20, how many will pass laws or constitutional changes that allow for abortions up to at least 15 weeks (first trimester), without stipulations about fetal heartbeat?

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@nikki I expect it to be lower than the market's starting default of 11 lol

@Stralor I hope I'm wrong, but states like Alabama have passed bans since/around the Dobbs ruling