Will Apple release an accessory that converts the iPhone into a VR/AR headset (VisionPro) by end of 2026? [~3 years]

saw some speculations on Twitter and it makes sense to me


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Converting a phone to a VR hmd is already a thing for Android. What is required to meet your resolution? Would the specs (resolution/framerate/etc) have to match today's vision pro or would you allow an app which splits the screen for each eye and a headband for the phone to count?

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I don't see how they could make the image quality (and the latency etc) remotely good enough

I mean theoretically you could have a kit that "turns" an iPjone into a Vision Pro, but it would look like a "Vision Pro and a cable to plug in your iPhone"

Like, forget the fact that the displays in the Vision Pro cost almost as much as a complete iPhone

The Vision Pro also has a laptop chip + an specialized AR chip

It has way more cameras and several Lidars, an eye tracking system and motorized lenses

It needs a fan to work, and it blows through the equivalent of 3 iPhone batteries in 2 hours

Sure, this will all get better over time, but before 2030 (barring an intelligence explosion or something) an iPhone-based system, if possible at all, would either be prohibitively expensive or much worse quality than the Vision Pro. And I don't see sacrificing quality any time soon.

I don't want to freeze too much mana for this long but I feel like driving this price into the ground

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