What platform will be the biggest competitor to Twitter by the end of 2023?
closes 2024
L avatarbluesky
SneakySly avatarMastodon
alby avatarInstagram new text-based app
KatjaGrace avatarPost News
a avatartumblr
finnhambly avatarSubstack
ian avatarManifold markets
EricAshley avatarGab, Social Galactic
AndrewHartman avatarHive
mistersplice avatarNostr

As judged by daily active users.

Clarification: We are looking for platforms that are directly looking to compete with Twitter's role as a microblogging commons, not Facebook.

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AAbought Ṁ50 of Instagram new text-b...
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What counts as a competitor to Twitter? Facebook seems like the obvious answer.

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SneakySlybought Ṁ10 of Mastodon

@Eiim Microblogging focused social media. Not interested in the likes of Facebook for this question, but something that is more aimed at Twitter's throne.

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What platform will be the biggest competitor to Twitter by the end of 2023?, 8k, beautiful, illustration, trending on art station, picture of the day, epic composition

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