Will a new social media platform be the most popular worldwide by 2032?

This market is resolved true if the social media platform with most monthly active users at the end of 2032 is something that didn't exist in 2023 or that was not in the top 10.


A social media platform is a digital space that facilitates the creation, sharing, and exchange of information, ideas, personal messages, and other forms of content through communities and networks. These platforms enable users to interact with each other, engage in discussions, share multimedia content like photos, videos, and links, and participate in social networking. They cater to a wide range of activities, including personal communication, professional networking, entertainment, education, and marketing, making them integral to modern digital communication and culture.

Current top 10 (beginning of 2024):

This is the list that I found, please point out if there is any mistake:

Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat+Weixin (China), TikTok+Doujin (China), Facebook messenger, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter/X


If a platform is renamed (eg. Twitter-X) it doesn't count as a new platform.

I may update this section with other clarifications if anything comes up from the comments

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