In 2030, will there be at least 50,000 people in whatever the Neom project has evolved into by then?
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Including workers?

@simoj being literal about "in" would mean the claim would also have to evaluate whether, with a population of 50k, how many are actually present at each hour of the day. That doesn't seem possible or desirable. Therefore, interpreting this to mean "living in" or *resident" makes more sense to me

@Ernie Agreed.

@Ernie oh in my defense, i meant workers living there, probably in a dorms/barracks on site. but it's reasonable to exclude them

@simoj ah, yeah that seems very reasonable too! If the information is available. Yeah it's pretty hard to tell. Cause you can pay workers to work on a place, but it's not quite as easy to pay people to live somewhere (although you totally can, too, in ways.) But at what point does the reality of it all not matter, if the simulation is good enough?