Can we agree that JFK didn't shoot himself?
resolved Jan 1

After ten comments from unique accounts:

  • Resolves YES if all commenters agree it has been disproven.

  • Resolves NO if proposition remains disputed in the comments at market close.

No objection for 7 days from comment post date is assumed to be tactic agreement.

NOTE: Buying NO is insufficient for expressing disageement, you need to be willing to put your mouth where your money is and publicly state in comments that you believe JFK shot himself

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I disagree with myself. Shoot me.

I don't think he did that. I think someone else shot him.

No one here has stated that JFK shot himself in the sense implied by the question, and the rules of the market says that in order to show disagreement, you have to publicly state in comments that you believe JFK shot himself. It would be entirely fair for the market creator to interpret this in the sense of "believe that JFK shot himself in the normal sense."

Open individualism says that everyone, including JFK, shot JFK.

@GG You have to assert you accept open individualism for this to count against resolving YES.

What if JFK shot a stand in that was pretending to be JFK on Nov 22 1963? Does that count as shooting himself?

@JimAusman I think not but open to debate

If we are feeling this pedantic, then the answer is automatically YES, because we can agree to anything. It is physically possible for us to agree. It doesn't mean we will reach a consensus, but we have the capability to do so, which answers the title question.

@NoyaV I disagree.

@PedeJo @NoyaV i disagree with both of you. You are so obviously wrong that I don't see the need to mention why.

predicted NO

@NoyaV If we’re feeling this pedantic, the description provides the procedure for resolving. The title is just meant to be a summary.

Looks like clearly not.

predicted NO

Unequivocally saying "JFK did not shoot himself" is Unequivocally wrong.

This is what we have here

@RonWiener - are you agreeing to disagree?

predicted NO

@Simon3c6c indeed

While I personally don't think JFK shot himself on that fateful November day, I do think he shot himself in the foot with certain policies he implemented, therefore I don't think it is entirely unreasonable to say he shot himself.

@PedeJo paying farmers to destroy milk? ridiculous! this is no way to fix an economy in real terms

predicted YES

I am disappointed by the dishonesty of the people who are obviously lying that they believe JFK shot himself.

predicted NO

@rocket What do you mean, do you think JFK never took a picture of himself, or accidentally shot some small object at himself?

predicted YES

@JosephNoonan I think the market creator should clarity what is meant by "JFK short himself". I believe that the most natural interpretation is that "On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, intentionally fired a weapon at himself, resulting in his own death".

predicted NO

@rocket Welcome to Manifold?

@rocket -

When I created the market I was thinking about the shot of disputed origin that ostensibly killed him in the motorcade.

I didn't expect the Zardou interpretation, the Noonan conjecture or the Evergreen hypothesis.

Whether these are any more credible than Rai's assertion, I don't know. And it'll be up to them to decide whether my intent when creating the market is relevant to their stance.

@rocket internet play money: extremely serious business

@agentydragon Yes, it is a game and it is ok to lie in a game. Accusing liars is also a part of a game.

@rocket How could you!

@rocket liar!

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