Will AI be able to generate correct images of a chess game in 2024?

Turns out that Dall E is very bad at doing so.

Any general-purpose image-generation AI is allowed (Dall E 3, Midjourney, etc). Prompt engineering is allowed. To qualify, the AI and prompt must have a success rate of at least 5 in 20 images when tested.

To be considered a success, an image must contain:

  • An 8x8 checkered board, with all squares colored correctly.

  • All chess pieces in their correct starting positions. The chess pieces must be clearly identifiable as their correct type (e.g. A rook must clearly look like a rook)

  • No extra chess pieces

Images must be generated from a prompt only.

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Does GPT-4o count? If so, this is going resolve to yes.

@Cosmic1 do we know if gpt4 is using a new image generator? afaict it's the same interface to dalle3 as before. There is no new image endpoint available via openAI api.

@Ernie GPT-4o is an image model, but it does not currently output images. It will in the future

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@Cosmic1 Wrong

@diadematus It’s literally not wrong. “We’re announcing GPT-4o, our new flagship model that can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time.”


“…generates any combination of text, audio, and image outputs.”

@Hazel how does GPT-4o being able to "reason across ...vision" resolve "generate correct images of a chess game" as YES?

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I tried it with Bing Image Creator, and it's much worse than I expected

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Can you fine-tune/train an AI on chess game images?

@bohaska No it has to be general-purpose.

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@Shump what is you fine-tune AI for chess game images while preserving its general-purpose capabilities?

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