Will we have AI that can explain chess moves logic in human language by 2030?

Will we have (and put in a comment below) an automated system that will explain chess moves logic in free text?


  • Will be available for free, as a service or open source project that I can run on a regular computer.

  • Will work with any reasonable real-life chess positions.

  • Will explain the motivation for a specific move, both for easy moves ("white recapture the queen") and more advanced logic ("aiming for exchanges to defend from the kingside attack")

  • Will not hallucinate at all in my testing.

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Pretty sure this should count? Haven’t actually used it, but seems to be an option for a free trial account https://decodechess.com

This is not fully free (They give 1 free review a day), but https://www.chess.com has a Review

feature which is very similar to what you want. I'm not sure whether it's an AI, but it does explain chess move logic.

@bohaska interesting. Can you share some examples for how it looks like?

@0482 Sure!

It can be better, but we're 90% of the way there already without LLMs.

@bohaska this is really cool and promising. Too vague sometimes for actually settling the question, but definitely a sign of the process

The strongest argument against this happening is that once you build a system to extract human-comprehensible information from the search tree, presenting it as just plain text seems highly suboptimal

It would probably make more sense to build an interface that combines text description with visualization's of selected lines/positions from the search tree + allows you to ask questions like "why doesn't this move work here?". Overall more of an interactive exploration/conversation based on the tree...

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