Will at least 3 of the big 5 tech companies (Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google) end their hiring freeze by 2024?
resolved Jan 1

Resolves yes if at least 3/5 are hiring by 2024.01.01 (including open applications for "new grad" positions, to avoid situations where they're hiring for some posts but still not generally hiring).

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I feel this was misresolved, the resolution description specified for "new grad" but the following evidence were for general hits which are for Senior SWE

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Meta is hiring, 1310 hits here https://www.metacareers.com/jobs/

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@PatrickStevens I agree this should resolve yes. @ShakedKoplewitz What would satisfy your requirements? Pretty sure I can find proof

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Is there a reason this isnโ€™t resolved Yes?

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@GabeGarboden I haven't looked recently - do you have a link to decisive information?

I feel that big companies have substantially resumed hiring for corporate roles.

Amazon plans to hire 250,000 employees throughout the U.S. for full-time, part-time, seasonal, and especially when it comes to the holiday season. And Google seems to be trying to expand its market deeper into the pharmaceutical as it released a multimodal medical LLM two months ago.