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Scott Lawrence
closes Jan 26, 2030
Will Scott Alexander's "N" trick fail?

See here for context: Short version: Scott thinks he can keep journalists from quoting him out of context by replacing all spaces with " N ". I'm skeptical!

This market resolves YES if any reasonably major news outlet quotes Scott while removing the "N"s.

This market will also resolve YES if Scott tries a similar trick in the future, and a major outlet quotes that without context.

This market will also resolve YES if anyone can point to an unambiguous instance of a different person using the same trick, and being quoted out of context.

Otherwise, at the end of the decade, this market will resolve NO.

Close date updated to 2030-01-26 4:59 pm

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I don't think this market is testing what you want. In the (likely) event that nobody bothers to reproduce this quote, and the N trick doesn't catch on, you'll resolve NO...

More interesting (from the comments on that post) is that people seem to have widely differing visual reactions to the N trick