Do more men think about the Roman Empire daily than women?
resolved Apr 1

On a future ACX survey, probably around New Years', I'll ask subjects if they have thought about the Roman Empire in the past 24 hours. This question will resolve to YES if the percent of cis men who answer "yes" is at least 1.5x the percent of cis women who answer "yes".

If for some reason I can't do a survey like this before the April 1 close date, the question resolves N/A.

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Not rating this yet. I trust him, but he hasn't published the supporting evidence yet.

@ScottAlexander please post stats about how many cis men out of how many answered "yes", and the same for cis women

@ScottAlexander As a man, I can confirm that I think about women more often than I think about the Roman Empire.

@Unown @ScottAlexander might be worth rephrasing the title to avoid this ambiguity

@Stralor (suggestion on how to: add the word "do" after "women")

@Stralor I think the intent is clear from context.

In fact, the fact that the intent is so obvious is why Unown's joke lands in the first place.

FYI, I just filled out the survey (I'm a cis man), and I did not think about the Roman Empire at all until the survey brought it up.




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@shankypanky I see your edit and a small part of me is sad that we don't live in that world 🤭

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@Stralor I'm not convinced we don't 🙃

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(I see a lot of tweets about the Roman Empire...)

Never been a fan of Roman Empire, but it also turned out that I'm agender, not cis man, so who knows...

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also, this will be a poll of ACX readers, so...

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Y’all didn’t read the description carefully enough. “At least 1.5x” is a reasonably high bar

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@BenjaminShindel even more so, it's not really "how many think about it on (a regular) daily basis" so much as "on a given day, will 50% more men than women report having thought about the roman empire that day".

I'm gonna go out on a limb, and say that the % of people who think about Rome on a given day but not daily, is higher than the % who think about it /daily/.

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@ScottAlexander I think you should add the 1.5x to the title - as it is the title is non-trivially misleading

@BenjaminCosman yeah this tripped me up. Made a quick bet without reading the description properly

Ok some other man is going to need to explain to me what is so interesting about the Roman empire.

@IsaacKing People ran around with sword fighting each other conquering stuff. Imagine sacking a city with your bros, how epic!

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Imagine sacking a city with your bros, how epic!

Oh, I do. Believe me, I do.

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@IsaacKing An ancient empire with exceptional size, vast cultural/linguistic influence, remarkably advanced military/architectural technology, and extreme longevity, compared to other European nations before and after, despite having a truly insane and unnecessary level of political instability and chaos. There was no system of succession, so the proportion of Roman emperors murdered was huge.

@IsaacKing It’s more like a chain of thoughts thing. Like wondering why the word “cheese” derives from Latin “caseum” in English, but French speakers say “fromage” and Italians say “formaggio” (from “forma”, I guess). Was it because the word got replaced as the empire fell? Oops, I thought about the empire.