Will HIV/AIDS be considered a "curable" disease by the end of 2030?


Will resolve YES if it is considered commonplace for someone in the general population (not only extremely wealthly people) to be cured of HIV in a first world country by the end of 2030. All other situations resolve NO.

If this becomes common practice before 2030 I will resolve early.

Feel free to ask questions if there is any nuance I am not considering.

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related but resolves sooner:

What exactly do you mean by ‘cured of HIV’? Would a person need to test HIV seronegative to be cured? How about someone who is functionally cured of AIDS pathologies but still HIV positive Why does it have to be in a ‘first world’ country?

predicts YES

@NicoDelon Yes, seronegative. The article describes it as "no detectable amount of HIV in his system".

Someone still HIV positive does not count. Already we have treatments for the symptoms and an HIV positive person has about the same life expectancy as anyone else. This is about removing the virus entirely, no more medication or therapies necessary.

It does not have to be in a first world country, I could probably reword that somehow - but the intention is to say that it is not required that we have eradicated the virus from the entire world, or that the cure is available to everyone everywhere, only that it is available to some large population in some countries. An analogy here is tuberculosis. We have a cure for it, but there are still large parts of the world who struggle with it.

@RyanGuill Thanks for clarifying!

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