Will Victor Forsgren's market resolve correctly? (Will Destiny beat Factorio Space Exploration before February 1st 2023?)
resolved Feb 1

Market creator is holding 5000 yes shares still at close:


With this being his only other market https://manifold.markets/VictorForsgren/do-you-want-to-be-rug-pulled

Close date updated to 2023-02-08 9:59 am

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@RogerYang It resolved correctly

Do they get banned if they resolve incorrectly? Do admins reverse decisions if it's proven an incorrect decision is made?

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@drt0 I don't think they get banned, only been here for a brief time but haven't seen that happen. There doesn't seem to be much repercussion other than losing social credibility tbh.


I don't think admins can actually reverse decisions yet(think they're working on it?), but they can (very very rarely) reverse all the trades that happened. Sort of make it as if the market resolved n/a I guess.

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@RogerYang Feel free to fact check me... I'm not sure if admins have ever actually reversed a market.

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@RogerYang Correct, admins don’t have the ability to reverse a market and it’s allowed, though people won’t invest in your markers in the future. The admins reserve the right to reverse a market in the future, but they aren’t able to do it yet.

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@RogerYang we used to be able to report the markets ourselves and it would show a badge (a large yellow triangle with an ! in the middle) right at the top next to the groups on all of that users markets that showed that they had a history of resolving markets incorrectly. They removed that function a couple of months ago for whatever reason.

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Note that @Catnee proposed them M$1000 as a bonus, apparently conditional on a correct resolution)

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