Will Transnistria ask to be annexed by Russia before March 2024?
resolved Mar 1

Resolves as YES if there is a significant request from a political entity in Transnistria between February 22nd and February 29th 2024, asking Russia to annex the region.

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Alright, still not seen any evidence that this happened, am resolving NO

Thoughts so far:

  • The statement put out by Transnistrian politicians does not explicitly call for annexation by Russia as I understand it

  • However, it is written in a way that Russia could choose to interpret it as such

The spirit of this question is not Russia's subjective interpretation of the message, but the objective contents of the message itself. Right now, if nothing more happens before March, then I'm swinging towards a NO resolution based on current information.

That being said, if some Transnistrian politicians came out and said that *they* viewed this statement as a request for annexation, then that would alter the equation.

@astroblob yeah not going to resolve this yet anyway, looks like they've chosen language intended to be unspecific and deniable

@JoeBrenton "Transnistria has officially sought to be annexed to Russia since 2006. Transnistria passed a referendum seeking to join the Russian Federation and rejected a referendum on reunification with Moldova in 2006. President of Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky reaffirmed Transnistria’s continued commitment to implementing the 2006 referendum on joining Russia in January 2023".

@PS I think they have an annexation fetish