Will Detroit have a higher population in 2030 than 2020?

According to the US census in each year.

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Currently, the trend of the population of the detorit shows a downward trend. While the 1990-2000 period shows an upward trend averaging 0.52%, the post-2000 period shows a downward trend averaging -0.46%, nearly double the -2.31% level. Also, According to a University of Michigan study, Detroit's population is projected to drop 3.6% by 2050. Therefore, I would BET on No.




As checked with some data from the US census, the popularity in Detroit on April 1st, 2020 was 639,111, which showed a 10.46% decrease from April 1st, 2010.

Moreover, the population estimates for July 1st, 2022 fell 2.9% and dropped to 620,376.

Based on the collected information, I think it is unlikely Detroit will have higher popularity in 2030 than in 2020 unless there is any pull factor for immigration which is beyond belief with current status.