Will the Church of England take an affirming stance on gay marriage by 2030?


Affirming: Christians who accept the inclusion of LGBT+ people into the church.


The Church of England has been debating the issue of gay marriage (letting two gay/lgbt+/queer Christians receive a Christian marriage) for many years now. This is complicated by the fact that it is the head church of the Anglican Communion, the global organization of Anglican Christianity.

Non-affirming churches (typically found in the "Global South": primarily Africa and Asia) are highly organized, and have threatened schism from the Communion if gay marriage is allowed in the Church of England.

Meanwhile, the Church of England is facing pressure from both internal bishops and the affirming churches of the communion (The US Episcopal Church, the Scottish Episcopal Church, Brazil, and others) to adopt gay marriage.

On 2/9/23, a the general synod of the Church of England adopted a motion that formalized and authorized the use of prayers for the blessing (which is not the same as marriage) of same sex couples.

Sources: https://twitter.com/gafcongbe/status/1627622610388324355?s=46&t=7VZ-GAzDVZC0gYI7iJo39w


-Resolve Conditions-

This question will be resolved as YES if: The Church of England adopts a motion or formal policy that allows same sex couples to receive a Christian marriage sometime before Dec 31, 2030.

The question will be resolved as NO if: The Church of England fails to adopt such motion or policy by Dec 31, 2030.

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