Will the abortion drug "mifepristone" be banned nationwide before the end of 2023?
Jan 1

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“The only way for the FDA to comply with both orders is to allow the drug to become unapproved … but then issue a guidance document or something similar saying ‘We are not going to enforce the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act against the manufacturers and distributors of mifepristone, so long as those manufacturers and distributors follow these carefully articulated rules,’” she said. "

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@NoaNabeshima How will this market resolves if the FDA does this?

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In an unprecedented decision, a federal judge in Texas has issued a stay that will shut down the prescribing and distribution of mifepristone in seven days, one of two drugs used for medication abortions that has been on the market in the U.S. for more than two decades.

District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, an appointee of former President Trump, gave the government a weeklong window to appeal and seek emergency relief before his ruling goes into effect.

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How does this market resolve if there's a court ruling which is circumvented by an emergency authorization from the FDA?