Will Apple have on-device TTS that is indistinguishable from a human narrator before 2026?

Resolves positively if Apple integrates on-device TTS before 2026 on Mac, iPhone or iPad that, in a blind test conducted by a panel of at least 4 people of my choosing, cannot be reliably distinguished from a human narrator.

The market may resolve negatively without consulting a panel if the outcome of the blind test is obvious.

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apple is too slow to do it before 2026

bought Ṁ10 NO from 52% to 49%
bought Ṁ100 YES from 55% to 59%

What if Apple's TTS is indistinguishable from a human who is unfamiliar with it, but it has a unique voice that everyone can tell?

predicts NO

@bohaska In the sprite of the market that would qualify.

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