Will Apple have a top tier AI tool developed in house and available to consumers by the of 2025?

Resolves yes if Apple has an AI tool widely considered top tier at any time by end of year 2025.

If this were to resolve YES today in 2023 Apple would need to have a LLM that is competive with GPT4 and Claud 2. If they had something like Bard I would resolve no.

This is not restricted to LLMs. For instance a top tier photo editing or video editing tool would count. But it has to compete broadly - "the best photo editor phone app" wouldn't count.

Because what counts might get subjective I won't bet on this.

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I'm assuming an image generation model would count? What about something like Google Pixel's magic eraser or Google Meet's noise reduction? Does only "generative AI" count?

@PlasmaPower sure, a top tier image tool would count. I think here they would be competing with Photoshop?

Video editing in Final Cut Pro would also count.

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