When will the OpenAI Sora video generation model be released?
Dec 31
Sora will not be released "anytime soon": https://the-decoder.com/openais-video-ai-sora-will-not-be-released-anytime-soon/?amp=1
CTO says later in 2024: https://www.theverge.com/2024/3/13/24099402/openai-text-to-video-ai-sora-public-availability
January 2025 or later
September-December 2024
June-August 2024
May 2024
April 2024
March 2024
February 2024

Must be generally available in at least one country.


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OpenAI just put up a job posting for working with Sora: https://openai.com/careers/backend-engineer-sora

It probably means they're hiring the people who will work on the release.

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Seems like there is big disagreement about whether Sora will be available in 2024.

I don't know why - the team at OpenAI has said it's currently a research project, and they don't even have a timeline for releasing it this year.

@TimothyJohnson5c16 Your link sure does point towards a later release date. I was mainly pointing at an arbitrage opportunity, which I see that @Predict has taken advantage of. Still some risk-free mana there to be had, but both you and I are out of mana at the moment 😆

(hint: Instead of betting January 2025 or later up, you can bet the other market down, whenever it gets out of synch with this one, with the added bonus of spreading your mana over multiple markets, which reduces the risk of any one market creator resolving their market in a weird way that hurts your interests. Or for risk free mana, bet one way in this market and the other way in the other one, being careful about how much you're paying in each case, and whichever way reality turns out, you win.)

@equinoxhq Derp, thanks, I didn't even notice the link you shared.

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lol, dalle-3 costs $0.04/generation. Sora is at least 60x more expensive. You really think they're going to release a model that costs $3/video?

@LoganZoellner they have no intention of releasing this anytime soon

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