Which Manifold user isn't Trustworthy.ish but should be?
resolved Oct 10

On my upcoming survey, I will ask users who they think should be Trustworthy.ish. I will include, as options, all users submitted here, except for users that are already Trustworthy.ish at the time I start running the survey. Respondents will be able to check all users who they think should be Trustworthy.ish. Which user will have the most supporters? If any are tied, resolves equally to the tied options.

See Plasma's Manifold Survey for other questions about the survey.

Edit: The survey is officially out! You can take it here: https://forms.gle/xZqWVxuY5irgLigu9

That also means new responses to this market won't be considered.

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Multiple of the users submitted here have actually become Trustworthy.ish now, including me! This doesn't exclude us from being considered though, since we were not Trustworthy.ish at the time the survey was released. Interestingly enough, the top option is still not Trustworthy.ish yet.

@JosephNoonan I should specify that by, "the top option is still not Trustworthy.ish yet," I mean the top option here (@firstuserhere) not the top option on the actual survey, which I don't know yet.

The survey is now out. That means no more responses will be accepted for free response questions.

@JosephNoonan And yes, that means the @Joshua option won't pay out, since it wasn't submitted until today. Maybe someone will make a third survey that asks whether he should be Trustworthy.ish.


@JosephNoonan You're saying there's no write-in option? I have faith in Joshua Stans.

@jskf There isn't a write in, it's just check-boxes for the options submitted before the survey released.

@JosephNoonan Ah, whoops.


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