Will I (Peter Wildeford) think that there is an open source LLM as good as GPT3.5 by EOY 2023?
closes Dec 31

On Twitter, @StephenLCasper predicted:

"Like what happened with DALLE2 and Stable Diffusion, I predict that within a few months, a ChatGPT copycat model will be open sourced. And then all of OpenAIs work to make their model safe will be negated by the copycats they directly enabled."

I'm personally skpetical of this prediction.

In this question, I will use my subjective judgement to decide if there has been an open source LLM as good as GPT3.5 by the end of this year.

Grading the quality of an LLM is difficult. I'm planning to evaluate this in large part based on whether I can access this LLM and find it to be subjectively about is good, but I will also be interested in appealing to moderately standard benchmarks like MMLU.

Whether something is "open source" is defined liberally here and also will be determined by my subjective judgement, but generally I will deem something open source if (a) anyone can access it and (b) it wasn't the result of an unintentional leak/exfiltration, regardless of the precisions of the license.

I will rely on my subjective judgement to evaluate the credibility of cases. In the case this question is to resolve, I will allow 48 hours of discussion before resolving.

I will not personally be trading on this market because it relies on my subjective judgement.

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Eli Liflandis predicting YES at 77%


The False Promise of Imitating Proprietary LLMs
The False Promise of Imitating Proprietary LLMs
An emerging method to cheaply improve a weaker language model is to finetune it on outputs from a stronger model, such as a proprietary system like ChatGPT (e.g., Alpaca, Self-Instruct, and others). This approach looks to cheaply imitate the proprietary model’s capabilities using a weaker open-sourc…
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ShadowyZephyris predicting YES at 80% (edited)

This uses vicuna benchmark so it's probably actually as good

Edit: Why so many no betters? the 65b version significantly outscored ChatGPT

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ShadowyZephyris predicting YES at 81%

@ShadowyZephyr They even have a game where you can compare the prompts of guanaco-65b to ChatGPT, and they are good! So, I already can’t see the argument for no

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Eli Liflandis predicting YES at 56%

https://sambanova.ai/blog/introducing-bloomchat-176b-the-multilingual-chat-based-llm/ claims to be close to GPT-4. https://twitter.com/Tim_Dettmers/status/1661379354507476994 claims to be 99.3% of performance level of ChatGPT.

Introducing BLOOMChat 176B - The Multilingual Chat based LLM
Introducing BLOOMChat 176B - The Multilingual Chat based LLM
SambaNova and Together are excited to announce the public release of BLOOMChat, a 176 Billion parameter multilingual large language model (LLM) optimized for chat applications. This is the largest chat-aligned open source model and the first one that is built on top of a multilingual pre-trained LLM…
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ShadowyZephyris predicting YES at 80%

@EliLifland Testing the demo, it doesn't seem that good

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Peter Wildeford (edited)

I just want to warn market participants that there are a lot of different possible metrics to measure the quality of an open source model vs. GPT3.5 but I will be particularly concerned about and focused on metrics that get at GPT3.5 having advanced capabilities that would be relevant to acting autonomously in the world in harmful ways (e.g., high social reasoning, strong computer programming).

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ShadowyZephyris predicting YES at 58%

@PeterWildeford It says gpt3.5 how is gpt4 relevant

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Peter Wildeford (edited)

@ShadowyZephyr Sorry that was a typo on my part. I meant ChatGPT (GPT3.5) - edited now to fix

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ShadowyZephyrbought Ṁ40 of YES
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Do you mean ChatGPT-3.5?

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Peter Wildeford
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Gigacasting (edited)

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