Conditional on explicitly allowing people <18 to participate, will it get very bad PR within 3 months?

Context: a bunch of people on discord want to allow teens on under certain conditions.

"Extremely bad PR" is defined by first page result in google search for "manifold markets" associating the website with pedophiles or mentioning such controversy.

If the rules of explicitly ban <18yos, this will be immediately resolved N/A.

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@ZacParker I'd be surprised if it got bad publicity after being shut down due months. Got insider info?

or mentioning such controversy

If the top result mentions the controversy but claims that Manifold handled it well, this still resolves YES? That seems wrong.

predicts YES

@IsaacKing I think it's fair. Any association to pedos is toxic and very bad PR. Plus, this mostly covers vague journalistic language - "the dating website, which made the controversial decision to blah blah ..."

I won't trade any more on this, besides my initial 20 mana position.