When will Valve announce a stand-alone VR headset?
Q2 2024 or earlier
Q3 2024 or earlier
Q4 2024 or earlier
Q1 2025 or earlier
Q2 2025 or earlier
Q3 2025 or earlier

Each option will resolve to NO when the specified time period is over and no announcement has been made. As soon as a stand-alone VR headset is announced, all the open answers are resolved to YES.

The VR headset (presumably but not necessarily Valve Index 2) has to run games and/or apps without being persistently connected (even wirelessly) to a computer or a mobile device. It is ok if the headset uses a computer or a phone for the initial setup or even for starting the program.

The announcement has to be made either on Steam Store, via a press release, or at a popular industry event like GDC.

I will not bet on this market.

Clarification from 2024-01-18: a small module (e.g. battery) that hangs on the belt and is sold together with the headset still counts as “stand-alone”. A backpack does not. I’ll resolve as N/A if it’s borderline.

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I've resolved Q1 2024 to NO and added a couple options for later dates.

I'm now wondering if valve will be the ones to lean into apple's initiative in having a wire that connects to a puck that the user can carry with them, and put the whole computer in the puck, make it enormous, put belt hooks on it

@makoyass There are already portable computers in the backpacks. I don’t think this qualifies as stand-alone.

For some reason a didn’t think about a Steamdeck-sized device attached to your belt when I was writing this question. Is this portable enough to resolve as a YES?

@OlegEterevsky Yeah, I just drafted a market about my question, then stopped when I realized the headset part couldn't be classified as stand-alone. All of the innovation would be in this battery powered gaming computer with belt loops.

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