Will I be cancelled by 2025?
This question resolves yes if I am "cancelled" in the next few years." This would involve things like: - Me being dismissed from my job due to non-work-related factors - Me being shunned from the EA community - My EA forum account being deleted without my consent - etc. Question will resolve according to my best judgment. Because this is a long-term question, I will strive to add liquidity/exit events reasonably regularly or at request (e.g., add liquidity so that people can exit their position, move the probability to where I think it shoulld be, etc.)
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Pampu ;)

Does this only include EA-related cancellation? What if there's some Twitter storm about something you said, but it doesn't significantly impact your professional life?
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@IsaacKing I will decide this on a case by case basis.
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This made me laugh, if you are it'll probably be for the same instinct that led you to open a prediction market on your cancellation so I hope not 😄
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I shall cancel thee if you do not come to mexifold