Will I get in a serious car accident by the end of 2025?

This market will resolve as YES if I have to go to the hospital as a result of a car or bus accident that occurs before the end of 2025.

The accident can be caused by me or someone else, but it must not be staged or intentional for the purpose of manipulating this market.

Inspired by https://manifold.markets/CarsonGale/will-i-get-in-a-serious-car-acciden

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One time I was hit by a car while biking. I think I'm much more likely to be wandering outside in unfamiliar environments than other people and am sometimes less situationally aware. I think I am much more actively worried about getting seriously injured/killed than other people, though, and often try to enumerate ways I could be injured.

predicts YES

@NoaNabeshima ...while biking and ended up in the hospital.*