Will AI come to Google Home devices before 2025?
Dec 31

Resolves YES if, before close date, Google issues an update to the existing fleet of Google Home devices which allows it to respond to queries in a freeform ChatGPT / Bard style.

Must be in place on at least some of the devices listed here - https://support.google.com/googlenest/answer/7029281?hl=en-GB as of date question asked, if it is only available on a new Nest / Home device this will resolve NO.

AI must be a default feature and not enabled through a separate app. i.e. I must ask "Hey Google" and not "Hey Google, ask Bard".

Some specific examples that would resolve YES:

  • write me a poem about my dog barking at another dog

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Five months into the year and Google has only added embarrassing AI to their search, and I've not seen any movement on Google Home projects at all. This still seems a bit high to me.

I wonder why this market is so much lower than this mine:

Showing the potential: https://x.com/linusekenstam/status/1692301021630910775?s=46&t=LDVjyNmDWjGij9C7NroZvg

Hard to imagine this not being the default soon.

Background: lots of Google Home users have noticed that Home just gets worse, failing to act on clearly-recognised commands with increasing frequency. There is a worry that these are now a dead platform as Google hasn’t figured out how to monetise them. That said, there is probably nothing in the hardware that prevents them from being migrated to newer, better AI, and the install base might make it worth Google’s time. So basically I’m asking if my smart speakers are e-waste yet.

@Noit What’s funny about that observation is that my own personal experience with Apple HomePod is the very same issue. It is increasingly giving exceptionally dumb responses to queries and straight up only understands my spouse 50% of the time. But I think smart speakers just aren’t getting the focus they used to.

predicts NO

@DavidJohnson I’ve wondered if it’s the same “too much user info makes AI dumber” issue that OpenAI have seen with ChatGPT. But given Google’s lack of product focus in so many areas I suspect lack of dev time is the real cause.

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