By which years will AI be shown to have a better log loss than the Metaculus community pred. on <= 1 year predictions?

By which years will AI + scaffolding be shown to have a better log loss than the Metaculus community prediction on <= 1 year predictions?

Does not necessarily need to be evaluated on every Metaculus question, just a representative sample of Metaculus questions not selected to favor the AI with at least 20 unique predictors. Resolves to years where AI+scaffolding has been shown to have a better log loss anytime before the end of that year (including previous years).

I will not trade on this market.

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Seems like this cannot resolve YES in 2024 because a random sample of <= 1 year questions will include some that end in Feb 2025, so the earliest this could be shown is then.

If such questions are excluded then it isn't a representative sample.

Unless someone started this project in 2023 and didn't tell me about it. Which is 10%, sure.

@MartinRandall If someone can use a model trained on text before a date and uses no external information after that date, I'd accept the predictions of that model for a year after the date.

@NoaNabeshima Oof, then we could reresolve 2024 to yes in 2030 after we have a better understanding of AI??

@MartinRandall No because it would need to be *shown* before EOY 2024. The <=1 year predictions don't need to be related to the year this ability is demonstrated except that they can't be too jerrymandered

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@NoaNabeshima I see. So if in 2030 I train an AI based only on data from before 2024, and then I have it make predictions on Metaculus questions in 2024, again using data only from before 2024, and it beats the human predictors from 2024, that resolves 2030 to YES, only.

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Seems similar to except easier since only on 1 year time horizon? Why was 2024 lower here before I traded?

@EliLifland it's harder because it's performance on Metaculus only. Performance on Manifold is easier, eg acc outperforms me substantially.

The AI isn’t allowed to see the community prediction?

@EliLifland I am not sure, am thinking ab this.

@EliLifland Yes, the AI isn't allowed to see the community prediction. LMK if this makes anyone unhappy.

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Forecasters will incorporate AI tools into their workflows, so this could occur much later than the point where AI becomes a better forecaster than most (unassisted) humans on the platform.

@SG the model could be private for the beginning of the forecasting period or the scaffolding could be complex


I love that this is a specific operationalization of the question "When will AI forecasters beat humans?"

Would love to hear thoughts, whether you're a human or AI~

Does "not selected to favor the AI" mean that AI is not allowed to choose which questions to answer?