What vehicles does Bond drive/pilot in the next James Bond movie?
An Aston Martin
A car also capable of driving itself
A motorcyle
An unpowered parachute
A convertible car
Aston Martin DB Series
A motorboat
Aston Martin Lagonda
Off-road vehicle
A hang glider, wingsuit, or other unpowered gliding aircraft.
A pair of skis
Aston Martin Valhalla
Any rover (Range, Land, Mars, moon, etc.)
Aston Martin Valkyrie
Aston Martin Vantage
A glider/sailplane
A taxi cab
A sailboat
A jet aircraft

James Bond must be the one actively at the controls. Being a passanger does not count.

Questions will only resolve after the official movie is out (no resolutions based off the trailers). I will turn off the ability to add more answers when the movie releases, but leave betting open. I will try to see the movie within the first 1-2 days it is released to resolve quickly.

"James Bond" means the protagonist of the film. If we get a new bond/007 agent who goes by another name, we will use them for the sake of this market.

Refers to the next official Bond movie after No Time to Die (2021), I'll change the title once we know what it is.

I didn't want to clutter @HenriThunberg 's much nicer /HenriThunberg/what-will-be-the-true-of-the-next-j

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omg i want to bet on crazy things but they're already priced too high!

Are we thinking of this as just an unmarked white van?

@Nikos You nailed it, except I'd leave an exception for this marking specifically.

I know my Bond history pretty well, and the literal ONLY times he's ever driven a convertible were during the Pierce Brosnan ones where the studio had a product placement deal with BMW. (Which then used his initial film, "GoldenEye," as a first-of-its-kind vehicle for launching an entirely new car: the BMW Z3.) He drove a Z8, also a convertible, in another movie.

While it's a bit silly to be prognosticating about anything whatever Bond-related at the moment – we have no idea what the studio's even planning in terms of the character – it's a reasonably safe bet that he'll continue in Aston Martins and Land Rovers. If so, it's a similarly safe bet that he'll drive solely hardtops, as Daniel Craig did in his five Bond movies.

OTOH considering "a ballooned-powered house like in 'Up'" is at 67% at this writing, I guess this isn't particularly serious.

@JeffKirk woah, we now have some smart money in this market! Take up all that free mana!

As the market creator I'm not betting so as to not bias any questionable results that come up, but you should take full advantage of it!

This is how I am choosing to interpret this answer.

(N.B. I am not market creator/resolver)

@JoelHancock lol. Thanks! I wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise. I’ve edited it for clarity.

LOL. Bond in heelys. Please make it so 🙏

@Nikos I started by thinking “rollerblades” and broadened the category until I thought it was likely enough to be worth betting on.

Getting away from vehicles, but I think it still counts ;)

Inspired by @DanPowell

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