Will Artemis II launch by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

Not necessarily successfully. An official delay or cancellation resolves NO.

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"NASA leadership is expected on Tuesday to announce a “months-long delay” to the first crewed mission of the agency’s flagship Artemis program, according to one current and one former NASA employee. [...] the mission is no longer expected to take place before 2025, according to the sources, confirming months of speculation that a delay was imminent."


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@JuJumper I watched it, but Artemis 2 doesn't actually require Gateway in NRHO or any of the moon landers. Artemis 2 is pretty much just a trip around the moon and back, with crew, launched on SLS. So I don't expect massive delays there.

Artemis 3 however... My bets are on 2028 for that one.

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Discussion of Artemis launch schedules, current status of Artemis II, and the history of delays: https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/12/artemis-i-has-finally-launched-what-comes-next/amp/

"Will Artemis II launch by the end of 2024?"

Will Artemis II launch by the end of 2024?