Will researchers find another wooden structure that is over 400,000 years old?

Apparently, researchers discovered a wooden structure in Zambia that was over 400,000 years old. Supposedly, it was well preserved because it was covered with water. Personally, I am a little skeptical that a structure this old is real; but I know nothing about anthropology or archaeology so I will defer to experts and gambling addicts. This market aims to support or challenge this finding by predicting whether another ancient wooden structure will be found, and be published about in a top journal. It may be in one of the top 20 journals of anthropology, one of the top 20 journals of archaeology, or in one of the top 100 journals more generally. Likewise it must be in a distinct location.

This market resolves YES if a top journal publishes a finding of a wooden structure which is over 400,000 years old.

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Is there any condition under which this marker will ever resolve NO?

@April I suppose if academic journals end or the world is destroyed then it would resolve NO. I also personally think it should resolve no if we reach the year 9999.