Will a Starship orbital flight attempt occur before April 16?
resolved Apr 15

A duplicate of this market, with a different date.

For the purposes of this market the test doesn't have to be successful or even conclusive - a scrub is fine as long as it's clear that SpaceX was trying to do an orbital flight test.

I'll resolve YES if an official SpaceX social media channel puts up a livestream entitled "Starship Orbital Flight Test", "Starship Orbital Launch", or similar, which shows a live feed of Starship and a countdown, NO if there is clearly no such livestream by market close, and N/A if it is ambiguous whether this has happened at market close.







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I meant local time but I'm probably asleep at that point so I'll resolve now. If they launch on a Saturday evening with no closures then that'd be a bit of a surprise :)

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Guys, Musk is going to launch on 4/20

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Might still happen at a later date after the 10th, but not sure if it will be before the 16th. The 17th is the current rumour.

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