Will I live and work in the US before 2030?

I am a second year computer science student in University of Granada, Spain.
My long term goals are to eventually, go work in America, ideally in SF or NYC.

I am considering completing a master's degree after my bachelor’s, which I expect to finish by 2026 or 2027. Therefore, I am setting 2030 as a target year to achieve my goal, if AGI hasn't happened yet lol.
I started this as a joke with a friend but decided to actually make it as it gives me a realistic framework to work towards fulfilling my career and life goals.

I guess you can check my x/twitter (kinda inactive) AND github: moonpyxx

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I wish you luck! for reasons of incentive and /LegendaryFoatGucker/will-there-be-a-civil-war-violent-r I'm betting this down a little.

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