Will the US population reach 340 million before 2030?
closes 2030

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Will the US population be >500M by 2050?13%
Will the population of the USA decline in the year 2050?51%
Will the world population decrease before 2030?17%
Will the world population decrease before 2035?32%
Will the world's population reach 10 billion people by the end of 2050?21%
Will the world population ever surpass 20 billion before 2075?16%
Will the US admit more than 2 million immigrants in any year before 2030?57%
Will there be over 9 billion people by 2037?66%
Will the United States of America be composed of exactly 50 states by 2030?78%
Will there still be exactly 50 US states by 2030?77%
Will any US state secede before 2030?6%
By the start of 2033, will at least a billion people be alive?92%
Will Texas have a greater population than California before 2030?16%
Will the world population decrease in 2023?4%
Will the Jewish population of the world be 16 million or more by 2030?77%
Will the world population decrease before 2025?6%
By 2100, will at least 1 billion people remain alive?60%
Will humanity survive until 2100?60%
Will America heal by 2030?26%
Will there be 9.7 billion humans living on Earth in 2050?40%