Will Suno AI create a 24/7 AI-generated music radio station in 2024?

Seems like an obvious next step for them. Will they do it?

Can be free or paid. Custom or fixed stations. Internet or actual radio waves. As long as you can tune in and there's no end to the music.

Radio station can be maintained by a 3rd-party as long as there's a deal with Suno .

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This seems like a step in this direction. They also have an "Explore" and "New" page.

Still, I lean towards "things generally don't happen" especially when they're just speculation rather than rumors from potential inside sources. Hope it happens regardless!

Does it have to be entirely novel music, or would a 24-7 "greatest hits" station count?

This is crazy. Just did an excellent job with the prompt: 'a song about cowboys made outta steaks' https://app.suno.ai/song/29153fa7-d6be-4dab-9768-545e0bec58de

@ian >v2

try now : - )

Does it have to be on the literal radio rather than a YouTube stream or similar?

@CDBiddulph Internet radio counts.

does it still count if someone else does it?

@Soli Hmmm... as long as there's an official agreement with them.

None of the paid plans would give enough credits for 24/7 music, so even a tweet linking a 3rd-party station using their clips would be evidence of a deal.