Will Levels.fyi's next report claim that software engineer salaries continued to decline through 2024?

According to Levels.fyi's end of year pay report reports, salaries for all tech jobs have been decreasing from 2021 until the start of 2023 2024. Will their next end of year pay report show this trend buckling or holding steady?

Resolves N/A if they do not publish such a report.

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It's hard to imagine 2024 being a worse year for tech than 2023, so as of now I am favoring NO. SWE salaries I'm guessing will decrease when adjusted for inflation, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a slight increase nominally.

@mint What happened in 2023?

@MilfordHammerschmidt layoffs and hiring freezes increased supply for the few jobs that were open, allowing employers to keep wages stable / decrease them. Additionally, many existing jobs especially at big tech with established pay bands did not give yearly increases to the pay bands for new employees.