Will Levels.fyi report that software engineer's salaries are lower in 2026 than they were in 2022?

According to Levels.fyi's 2022 end of year pay report, salaries for all tech jobs have been decreasing steadily from 2021 through the end of 2022. Will this trend buckle by 2027 or hold steady?

Resolves N/A if they do not publish such a report. If the report does not include a category for "software engineer" this market may resolve N/A unless a reasonable estimation can be gleaned from it.

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extend closedate?

One potential Yes scenario: coding LLMs allow non-technical people to build software, and the increased supply of people who can build software is larger than the induced demand from greater productivity.

predicts NO

"My work is code, my love is bugs,
Money flows like streams of slugs."

The close date is 2024, but the title and description say 2026/by 2027. Is the close date wrong?

Automation raises the productivity of the individual worker, so their real salaries should go up (and nominal salaries go up even more). Industry figures out out ways to use the increased capacity so all those coders won't have to learn to journalist.

Will salaries be adjusted for inflation?

predicts YES

@toms No.

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