Will Tesla raise the cost of its Full Self Driving software in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

As of creating this market Telsa Full Self Driving costs $15,000 to add to any new Tesla vehicle. FSD (Full Self-Driving Capability software) must cost more than $15,000 to add to ANY new Tesla vehicle purchased by the end of 2023 for this market to resolve in a YES. Verified by Tesla.com, official Tesla website.

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📢Resolved to NO : Proof from Tesla Website

They just lowered it to 12k so it's extremely unlikely to go back above 15k in the next 3 months.

If they sell it at higher price in a different country and the price is on tesla.co.xx (xx representing country code) and it is not on/confirmed at Tesla.com does this resolve yes or no?

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Although I hold a slight YES position, given the high likelihood of a global recession in 2023, I would say there is still a descent amount of value in NO aswell!

If they stop selling it altogether (say, because the FTC decides it's fraudulent or something) how does that resolve?

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@AndrewHartman The condition is purely about them raising the price of FSD. If it gets removed as an option for whatever reason, and is not added back to the Tesla website for the entire duration of 2023, then a price increase will have never occurred and this market will resolve in a NO.

@MasonMaternowski That strikes me as an oddly technical interpretation, but as long as it's explicit I guess.

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