Will the ISS still be in operation at the start of 2030?

This market will resolve if any of the following are true:

- If this market reaches its close date

- If `PagKXOy9i1sjkRmbp1aR` closes (Will the ISS still be in operation at the start of 2029?).

It will resolve based on the following decision tree:

- If the human operator agrees:

--- Resolves to round(MKT).

- Otherwise, a manually provided value

Note that the bot operator reserves the right to resolve contrary to the purely automated rules to preserve the spirit of the market. All resolutions are first verified by the human operator.

The operator also reserves the right to trade on this market unless otherwise specified. Even if otherwise specified, the operator reserves the right to buy shares for subsidy or to trade for the purposes of cashing out liquidity.

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To clarify, I will only resolve off the older markets if the station is closed

@LivInTheLookingGlass I'm confused about how this works. Is it just that the bot will resolve it NO if earlier markets also resolve NO?

predicts NO

@JosephNoonan yes, that's the goal

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