Will AI be a Time Person of the Year in 2023?
resolved Dec 6

Since 1927, Time magazine has annually chosen its Person of the Year, who "for better or worse... has done the most to influence the events of the year." While its choice is usually a human person, Time has also chosen inanimate objects in the past, specifically "The Computer" in 1982 and "Endangered Earth" in 1988.

Since the release of ChatGPT, there seems to have been a significant increase in interest in topics related to artificial intelligence (AI). For example, Google searches for AI-related topics have increased significantly, and ChatGPT made it to the cover of Time.

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do not resolve! we do not know about the user's choice! the title says a person of the year, not the person of the year.

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@Joghn luckily Marcus already confirmed that this market is the same as Jack's one, which has already resolved NO

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@Fion well at least i didnt lose my one mana

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@MarcusAbramovitch can you resolve please?

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Happy betting with you

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@marketwise I don't think it's very likely, but I left some 1-day orders at 4% and less in case they deviate from the shortlist and add ChatGPT anyways.

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How does this resolve if "ChatGPT" is the POTY?

Would ChatGPT, OpenAI, or other things not quite "AI" count as a YES resolution

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Hmm - part of me thinks I’m living in a bubble where a lot of people care about AI (particularly risks from it) and maybe this messing with my ability to predict this well.

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