Will spaceX catch the booster with the mechazilla arms in Flight 5?
Aug 5
Not attempt
Attempt but fail or abort
Attempt and partial success (Spacex acknowledges that booster or arm is damaged significantly)
Attempt and succeed 100%

Partial success is if booster returns to launch pad, but booster or arm damage is announced by spacex

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When is the cutoff between "not attempt" and "attempt but abort"? Like, if they say at the beginning of the launch they will attempt, but at the start of the boostback burn they decide there are too many issues to attempt and they never bring the booster near the landing site, is that an attempt or not?

beginning of the launch once the countdown starts.

If the booster enters inbetween the arms but fails to be caught and falls to the bottom of the pad and explodes, is that partial success or failure?

Good question. partial success if booster returns to the arms, even if arm and/or booster is significantly damaged.

Fail/abort if booster doesn't return to the arm.

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